Oregen Guilloux-Cooke

Dustin Guilloux-Cooke
Oregen Guilloux-Cooke is currently completing
her apprenticeship at BeInSync. She attends testing sessions as a scribe and report writers. She also contributes to the creative development of our products.

Oregen was born in France and came to Australia as a young child. Despite her youth, she has travelled extensively. She participated in the Global Challenge program and travelled to Africa where she worked on a community school project. She spent four months travelling around Asia after high school. With her family she has lived with a tribe in Lifou, in the Loyalty Islands and has lived in Reunion Island on several occasions. She is passionate about diverse cultures and in particular is a strong advocate for refugees and improving their status in Australia.


Oregen began her Apprenticeship with BeInSync after completing her final year of High School. Like her brother, she began as a scribe in the testing stage of product development. She also attends post- testing client meetings to capture all the participant and client’s feedback and compiles reports on recommendations for storyboard changes.  In this way, Oregen is acquiring knowledge about cross cultural communication and the best methods to communicate across a wide, diverse audience.


Oregen is also working on the creative side of product development at BeInSync. She is currently completing her degree in International Relations and is keen to apply her academic knowledge with the practical and research skills she is acquiring at BeInSync.